What makes Obervellach the Slow food Village so special?

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It´s called “Marktzeit” and it is happening every Summer and every Winter even through the corona crises with a baby elephant in between and with a lot of seats for everyone. Everyone in the village meets there, as you know Obervellach is a small community. The food is only within the region and the bear and the wine. The newest project is from a new winemaker, but maybe later I`ll tell you about him.

One of the most important people, who was the driving voice is there is the chairman of the LGO. Erwin Maier is one of the most motivated people I know. He had many visions. And he makes the necessary steps forward. We definitely need more people like him.

Another tip is „Bauernladen Walter„. I love the Chill cheese, the bacon and honey from the farmers. I think I tasted never more delicious Chili cheese and it´s always an experience to buy there. They are always in a good mood. The store is really nice and modern but charming. So, don´t hesitate and get in the car and drive there you won´t regret it! And there so much more to visit here.

All this events and people make Obervellach what it is. And I was suprised as i moved here, how much is going on in this area.

I would like you to make up your own mind. Come to the next “Marktzeit” and taste the delicious food, beer and wine!

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I´m 30 years old and my name is Eva. I´m currently studying at Fh Carinthia and working at Infina Credit Broker as financing asistent. As a mom I want to give a little inside of carinthia and it´s culture.

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