5 steps towards being successful!

5 steps towards being successful!

When it comes to the key to success, we have a lot of key words we can search on the internet and a lot of books with promising titles which we can read. There are waaaaay too many sources. You are not able anymore to pick what’s wright and what is wrong. I found a recipe. You only need to follow one big rule and you must take the five steps below.

It is all about our mind:

Every day we have about 60,000 thoughts and did you know that 80% of these thoughts are about the past. And now the shocking part: There are only 1-2% positive thoughts. Well, that´s not a lot!

Yes, we can and yes, we will, are the words of the very first black American president said. Mr. Barack Obama is a good example that positive thinking can get you everywhere. You can change the journey of your life now. Just like me or Barack 😊

In this article I talk about how I mastered a half-marathon.

My 5 steps to positive mindset

I was never very athletic and neither did I do sports as consistently as others. One day a friend of mine asked me to run a half-marathon with her. “I can do this!” That was my first thought. I believe you can do everything you like to do!

 If you were in that situation and you would have said no… I can give you one tip: Change your thoughts quickly: REPLACE YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGTS WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET!

1st Step: Define your goal!

In my case the goal was quite clear: to run a half marathon (21 km) in 1 hour and 30 minutes. We googled for a 12-week-training-plan. You have to believe that you can succeed. I wouldn´t have chosen a marathon with 42 km in 12 weeks. I am no sporting ace. YOU DEFINE A REACHABLE GOAL AND PLAN STEP BY STEP.

2nd Step: Think outside the box – don´t think you are ordinary

I have to say it wasn`t easy. I was working 32 hours a week, I was a mother of a 3-year-old boy, and I met friends as well.  This aim was time consuming and it took a lot of energy of me. YOU HAVE TO VISUAZILE A SUCCESSFUL BUT REACHABLE OUTCOME. Otherwise, you wouldn´t be able to take that much pressure.

3rd Step: always stay positive

First the training worked out, but then in the middle of the training I was always hungry, thirsty, and even I couldn´t stand my bad mood anymore. A doctor said, it was a lack of vitamins. So, I had to take these vitamin pills to get better and kept running. I didn´t give up and you don´t have to give up either! YOUR POSITIVE THINKING WILL LEAD TO POSITIVE THOUGTHS AND TAKE ACTIONS TOWARD YOUR GOALS.

4th Step: Do ask for help and go on

I asked my friend for help to stay motivated. Alone I probably would have given up and would have had no drive anymore. That was the reason why we were always running together. I had to go on and remind myself every day- why the hell I agreed to that. IN BAD MOMENTS: DO ASK FOR HELP. YOU DON´T HAVE TO BE ASHAMED. POSITIVE THOUGHTS CAN ALWAYS BE SHARED.

5th Step: SUCCESS

As you can see, I really did. After this run, I ate a lot of noodles, I think twice the noodles I normally do. Next year I might beat my time. I still want to improve. You shouldn´t take the positive thinking for granted! Remember they are only 1-2% of your mindset.

DON’T BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND. Do what you want and when you want. Don´t give your negative thoughts the space in your head. Replace them with positive ones and be proud of what you did. And last but not least ENYJOY YOUR SUCCESS.

Photos from Patrick

Here you can see my sources:  FIRST& SECOND

I´d like to have some comments and tell me what you reached in your past or which goal you´d like to reach in the future.

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I´m 30 years old and my name is Eva. I´m currently studying at Fh Carinthia and working at Infina Credit Broker as financing asistent. As a mom I want to give a little inside of carinthia and it´s culture.

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